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East Meets West

Not so long ago, Clevelanders labeled themselves as East Siders and West Siders. While some folks still like to ask, “Which side of town are you from?”, the East Side/West Side question began mattering less as Cleveland’s highway system evolved over the years.


Today, you can travel virtually from any point A to any point B in the Greater Cleveland area in about an hour. Nonetheless, Clevelanders still like to have

fun with the East/West rivalry. And, yes, there is a South Side as well.

Take to the Highways

The good news is that no matter what side of town you’re on, the area’s system of interstates makes getting around easy.


Our roads system was designed many years ago to accommodate a much larger population. Fortunately, the hard reality of a declining population over the decades does have a positive effect on the daily lives of those of us calling Cleveland home – a traffic system that allows for dramatically less drive times than those experienced in other major U.S. cities.

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Average Commute Times

Depending on where you decide to live in Cleveland, you will enjoy much more reasonable commute times compared to other U.S. Cities.


COMMUTE TIMES (in minutes)

Average for Metro Area

CLEVELAND     23.4

NEW YORK       34.7

CHICAGO          30.8

BOSTON            30.4

ATLANTA            29.2




Going Public

Cleveland’s Regional Transit Authority (RTA) provides public transportation throughout Cleveland and its 58 municipalities. Cash fares are $2.50 or $2.75, and discounted fares are available for students ($1.75) and seniors ($1.25).


A variety of multi-trip passes are also available. These include 5-Trip, All Day, 7-Day, and Monthly, and they’re good for rides on buses, trains (referred here as the Rapid), and the HealthLine (long sleek buses that run between downtown and University Circle). Rapid (train) lines connect the East Side and West Side with downtown. And if you’re looking for an easy ride from downtown to the airport, the Rapid can deliver you in just 30 minutes.


By the way, did you know that in 1968 Cleveland became the first city in the entire Western Hemisphere to offer direct rapid transit service to a major airport?

For more information: Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, 216.566.5100;



Take a Bike

Downtown Cleveland residents can take advantage of University Hospital’s bike share program, UH Bikes.


With their phone app, users can reserve a bike ahead of time. Rent from any of their convenient locations and return to any other.

For more information, 216.930.4344,



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